Congratulations! You made the right choice.

By choosing natural stone you made an excellent investment. You know that your new stone surface will give you years of functionality, but what you may not know is that in order to retain its beauty, some simple, yet important maintenance is needed.

The good news is that Custom Stone Interiors, Inc. uses premium protective and maintenance cleaners and sealants by ioSeal Protectants™ to make caring for your natural stone surfaces simple. By following these simple do’s and don’ts, you will extend the life-and help preserve the value-of your stone investment.

You can always refer to this when maintenance issues arise. But if you have questions that are not answered by this brochure please feel free to contact us at 814-548-0120.

The best way to prevent stains on stone is to treat it with a silicon based penetrating sealer. Natural stone can be porous and is susceptible to staining if sealers are not periodically applied. Before installation your countertop was sealed using a premium silicon based sealer. After installation we recommend the use of Supreme Surface® Natural Stone Cleaners by ioSeal Protectants™ for everyday care and maintenance of your natural stone top. Until now, there’s never been a product that cleans AND conditions granite, and other natural stone, sealing and helping protect stone surfaces from stains while leaving a remarkably smoother finish. With the very first use, you will notice an improvement in texture, reflection, and finish of both polished and hones natural stone surfaces. Using Supreme Surface® Natural Stone Cleaners by ioSeal Protectants™ not only beautifies and enhances the look and feel of stone, but the innovative protectants create an ionically-bonded layer that naturally seals and protects your stone surfaces—every time you use it. In fact, ioSeal products seal and protect natural stone so well, it could mean never having to seal your stone surface again.

Once your countertop installation is complete, it is ready for immediate use! But what product should you use for everyday cleaning? Custom Stone Interiors recommends using Supreme Surface® Granite Cleaner & Protector. This product is 100% naturally derived and contains no harsh or abrasive chemicals. It conditions your natural stone, leaving a smoother, glasslike finish with no buildup or residue. This product is also non-toxic and proven safe around children, pets, and food preparation areas. If you decide not to use this product, make sure that whatever product you do use is designed specifically for use on natural stone countertops. General cleaners not specifically formulated for natural stone or tile are never recommended. These can breakdown the sealer, thereby removing its protective properties and making the stone susceptible to stains. Many cleaning products designed for general everyday cleaning, including those that contain lemon, vinegar, bleach or ammonia can etch away the polish on many marbles and limestone stones or those that are Calcite based. Some products which have abrasives can even scratch the surfaces. In short, if a product doesn’t specifically say “for use on natural stone,” do NOT use it on your countertops. We believe that the ioSeal Protectants™ lines of products are the best products on the market to use on natural stone countertops. If they are used properly and regularly, your countertop will retain its original look and luster forever!

Supreme Surface® Natural Stone Cleaners by ioSeal Protectants™ are available for purchase at our office located at 360 Rolling Ridge Drive, Bellefonte, PA 16803 or order online at Use the discount code: 25712 for 10% off your first order!